Thanks. I caved in and sought psychologist who diagnosed me with PTSD/anxiety disorder. Hello there! Well, where to begin about my first surgery of my 40 years. why does it take me a long time to finally go under when I am given general anesthesia? 09-25-10 © Andrei Malov; standard license, iStockphoto. Hi there, i had a 4 & 1/2 hr surgery on Dec 29th/16 i keep getting waves of the anesthetic taste couple times a week, today it was sooo strong made me feel sick, how long is this going to last? Since then I have had some very severe body aches not just from the surgery but I think from all the jumping and crawling around I did. He said something like "I'll take care of that". I just.?. I am a 34 year old female who had surgery under general anesthesia 2 days ago. Everything went well and I was ready to get up and go home, when suddenly my heart stopped and I awoke approximately 1 mintue later with about 8 people standing around my bed shouting at me (scary!). I'm due for another surgery way more severe than my gall bladder but terrified now. Please let me know if you would like to give more info- were you awake or asleep for the biopsy? One interesting thing to note is that this effect doesn’t just occur with general anesthesia. On Wednesday and Thursday I slept a lot. I feel like it was t b e general anesthesia...i woke up with this racket. The more important thing I do is to let the wake up happen more gradually. Lack of Oxygen: Some people find that they breathe differently after surgery because it hurts to cough or take a deep breath. Could it be the side effect of anesthesia? I still remember. Christin from Sioux Falls, SD on January 09, 2014: In November 2012 I had anesthesia administered 9 times over a period of 3 weeks (for ECT). One to one post anesthesia nurses caring for waking brains and waiting to see if there is a happy drunk coming out or a flat affect that will turn into something recognizable. When I was out and with my husband he stated he's never seen my eyes so red/blood shot. Active and diligent research continues to try to pinpoint who is at risk, why it occurs, and what, if anything, can be done to prevent it. The fact that it happened twice warrants more investigation or a question to your primary doctor, in my mind, just to be cautious. I had a hyperactive gall bladder removed. I woke up absolutely burning up in the immediate recovery area when I came to, so badly that they were putting ice all over me. I had no problems anywhere throughout my entire body prior to this endoscopy. After several heart tests over the next week or so, it was determined that there was nothing wrong with me. It should be stressed that these displays of emotion are not under the patient's voluntary control. It's very disturbing having no knowledge of 4 days and functioning in my home but not in public that I know about yet. My next memory was in the ICU I believe and hooked up to stuff. It has become very annoying. When I bite down on the nerve, it cuts off the excruciating pain, however, clamping down on my tongue with my teeth is leaving gashes in my tongue. At about 3pm I started feeling like my head and ears were and still feel pressurized and my body feels sort of heavy. The nurse had big problems getting the IV in, as usual, and the anesthesiologist helped distract me. I began to have hissing in the head starting in september..terrible i still have it...that is why i had the mra.and hearing is fine. But most of all loving, respectful and usually on the antsy side with my conditions when I take my anxiety and adhd meds. I was given 15mg of anesthetics during the procedure. It was a 2-3/4 hour surgery. Ruby from United States on March 31, 2016: Some people might enjoy the side effects and not find them annoying. I had myself checked out numerous times from all type of speciality doctors with negative results (blood work, MRI, SPECT, stress test). I guess I should mention that it has a weird taste to it, almost like a spoil boiled egg or orange mixture taste. WHAT can they be thinking? But off them for several days to recover. I asked my doctor but he could not give me an explanation. Week four edema they checked again for CHF and DVT. I told her I was intact, appropriate and keenly aware and I was curious about this waking state and wondering "who lives here"; not literally but metaphorically as in this heightened state of clarity. I understand that the surgical position was: supine postion with head down and feet up at I would guess ~ 60degrees. or put it into esophagus? It starts of pretty humours then after 2 weeks my loved ones are filling me in on a few days of blacking out. You lay head down face forward to heal for 7 days. what i get is, i wake up STARVING - i mean ***starving***, to the point i could seriously start chewing on my own arm (mom said that happened when i was a toddler - they had to put restraints on me). My name is David, I'm 52 and had cervical surgery two weeks ago. What can be done to make him committable. Thank you! Recently Diagnosed on September 14, 2016: I'm doing surgery in less than a month for uterine fibroids and the taught of having to go though such an evasive procedure scares me but I've got no choice but to go on with it, so since i can't run away from it cause it'll eventually catch up to me, my question is - what is the level of pain i will be hsving after surgery?, i have a low treshold of pain, great information by the way. Week two edema, painful to walk, painful to touch. Maybe we are just more patient or have more time and opportunity to wait out the inconveniences. A curious side effect of narcotic pain medication (often used as part of the anesthetic) is itching. In order to help you breathe or control breathing, the anesthesiologist can choose among several methods. I am 63 years old and had gall bladder removal about 4 weeks ago and I have been experiencing a lot of agitation, confusion and sweating in the last 2 weeks, could this be a lingering effect of the anesthesia? Upon waking up from surgery the worst 2 weeks of my life began. In the span of 5 days I had gone through a failed ERCP, followed by a successful one and then an open cholecystectomy 2 months back and still going through sleep deprivation, itching and easily getting tired. This is an active field of study right now, called Post-Operative Cognitive Dysfunction (POCD). Many patients think that because they have been "put to sleep with anesthesia" that they should be refreshed and have more energy as they recover from their surgery. Does anyone have any advice? No, a dental anesthetic does not make u tired for days. I could only reach the pharmacist who suggested that I take 16 mg Novo-Histidine 3x/day for ~ 3 days and then get seen by a doctor if the symptoms persist. It doesn't have to be at the time of an injection, either. My son Josh woke up crying at the same age. If you are having surgery, talk to the pre-op nurse or the anesthesiologist (or both) about any concerns that you have. I passed out, eyes rolled back, completely unresponsive and weak or no pulse. I think the surgery must have made you feel tired! Clearly this was not a vasovagal reaction to an injection because the injection never occurred yesterday. after having upper teeth pulled i was sneezing and now have runny nose, is this from oxygen in my nose when will it get batter. Should I just rule this as a post surgery fluke that lasted 5 days? It … Once you go off the medication, however, the weight gain typically goes away. Is the size of the endotracheal tube used an important factor in detetmining the chances of having a sore throat in the post operative period? Under general anesthesia, you don't feel pain because you're completely unconscious. I just have simply an inability to recall for about a few days before the surgery back for a month to two months. Awesome . Surgery was today and I seem wired not at all sleepy. I can't say I've ever felt anything like it. Some medications can cause significant forgetfulness in the hours immediately after surgery, which is a normal side effect of anesthesia. Mentally, I turned into a negative ass that obsessed and dwelled on pointless issues. Men, often those in the military, law enforcement or jail wake up swinging. Complications are sometimes avoidable and sometimes not, depending on any pre-existing conditions and other factors. Was I in pain and crying during the procedure and just don't remember?? I was going under today and before I passed out my throat and airways constricted..I could not inhale air..I was suffocating..why? Some of the waking patients were clearly struggling but others were happy drunks and within earshot we started to talk out loud to each other and making jokes about the individual we could hear whimpering; "how could he already have seen the bill?" Today I woke up at 7 am and at 8 am I went back to sleep and slept till 2 pm.. is this common? A side effect is an annoying and perhaps unpleasant outcome that accompanies the desired effect of a treatment. now my arms and hands start itching and swell been taking benydrel but as soon as it wears off it starts again. It was the worst part of my recovery. It was something a long the lines like he was going to do something to reduce or avoid it happening. I voted up and interesting! I think I only ever got 2 or 3 doses of vomiting and those were mainly from spinal surgery. After the third treatment I had, upon waking from the anesthesia I could not breathe! the age of 19, I had liposuction done 12 years ago under general anesthesia (1 1/2 hour long) . It is also possible that you woke up on nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as another agent to ease you back to consciousness. people are soooo twitty i dont have to purchase anymore weed just act like you are allergic and you get all you want free. Can anesthesia make you tired for days after? Simple Facebook login. I had intense muscle aches and was worried something was very wrong. For a full description of this disclaimer, please see our Terms of Use. I just was looking around on the Internet at about 3:00am due to not being able to sleep. Being bored can make you feel tired. Finally doctor Checked and told that nothing pblm. Due to the numbness on top of my tongue, the numbness in my tongue goes all the way down my throat. Heart rate and electrical conduction can definitely be affected over time. Followed up by my existing mental health issues, surgery killing my appetite, lack of sleep and obsessively stressing about the lump which turned out being a cyst that formed after my vasectomy. However, the tired feeling after surgery is the usual situation for most patients and there are some reasons for this outcome. Easy & secure access! 1 thank. But here is the thing, he claims that he doesn't remember anything. Muscle and joint soreness can also result from lying motionless on the operating bed for extended periods of time. A week later and after 5 days in the hospital they are back up to 94-98%. Could anesthesia be possible problem post procedures? The day after my surgery I found a lump on my testicle and didnt talk about it with anyone and going to deal with it after the holiday. I have normal blood pressure. First, I talk to them quite a lot. Now things really begin. I had a dnc of uterus. Some symptoms include feeling highly anxious, brain fog/zaps, hot/cold flushes, muscle tightness/twitches, body heaviness/sluggish, onset of some cognitive issues (depersonalizations/derealization, OCD). The odd part is I have a blank spot of either no memory or as termed a cheesecloth effect for near two or more months. I would hear it when i would put my face down. Should I feel the anaesthetic splash into mythroat and taste this when undergoing a right lung biopsy. Lipotropic agents promote the flow of fat and bile to and from the liver. Since general anesthesia involves the use of IV and inhaled medicines to induce and maintain an unconscious state, it is not surprising that it is associated with side effects, and less commonly, complications. I'm so curious. This time it lasted around 2 minutes and I woke up with him shouting at me (scary again!). When you REALLY wake up, you won't remember this." Given the significant changes induced by these powerful medications, though, the safety record of general anesthesia is particularly impressive. It's because of your article and the last great anesthesiologist that I knew I could talk to the anesthesiologist this time. Should I just rule this as a post surgery fluke that lasted 5 days? i woke up from surgery in horrible pain there was no pain medication in me and felt all of the operation that i just went through. I am 63 and had 2 1/2 hour laparoscopic abdominal rectal prolapse surgery (no resection) 8 days ago. I had surgery in November, still chasing those pesky fibroids, this surgeon got them ALL! I had a lithotrypsy done and as I approached the 24hr postoperative mark I began to belch and pass gas frequently. I still feel tired days later. I still don't know why that would happen as I never did ask about it. General anesthesia is medicine you get before some types of surgery to make you sleep and prevent you from feeling pain. Let me know if you do find out as I'm curious too :) Plus, it would be good for you to know in the future! Great hub, voted up and shared! Sometimes I remember anesthesiologists getting upset with me because I was not going under quickly enough and sometimes I don't remember when the mask was placed over my face. Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on October 05, 2015: TahoeDoc, I believe I'm allergic to anasthesia, (and I"m also allergic to sulfa drugs), when I had surgery from a root canal to my open heart surgery, 3 years ago. Most people don't remember much after the pre-op sedative has been given. General anesthesia is a combination of medications that put you in a sleep-like state before a surgery or other medical procedure. Then, with all the stress I held in along with all contributing factors part of my brain shutdown and basically in simple terms I was sleep walking for 4 days. Why did this happen and how come no one warned us he may not have vision. The top right side of my tongue is numb, but I have full movement under my tongue. The past couple of days I have had these spells of getting very sleepy, and feeling very drugged. Needless to say they were very rude to me when I woke up and apologized and they told me to find somewhere else to go because I was a danger to be worked on in their office. Best wishes. I think it did help with stuff I am going through today. Even when someone is very agitated, I probably give a sedative less than 10% of the time and only if I feel the patient may hurt himself or someone else (I got thumped in the sternum pretty hard once, so I have the medication ready, just in case!). I had an op and given mac anesthesia 9/9 at 11 am. When I had heart surgery, I kept waking up ON THE TABLE. different antibiotics have diff mild side effects usually.. but i don't think they cause sleep.. usually u may have a stomach upset or so. Is this caused by anesthisia? Waiting for results This is when I started reading a couple articles about the long-term adverse effect of anesthesia post-surgery which could be weeks, months or years later, has anybody thoroughly looked into this further. I asked them to give me my sock back. I do not know what occurred or inquired regarding the operating room. Former surgical nurse here, GA affects everybody differently, but very common to be tired for a few days / a week or so afterwards. The doctors said that not being able to breathe after anesthesia is not common. I've had a hysterescopy five days ago with GA, it was to remove a large polyp which turned out to be a fibroid. does cause sweating after a vocal cord stripping remove. I've been told that in the past I'm angry when I wake up from surgery. In the hospital, patients can get a special medicine that block the receptor responsible for itching but not pain relief, which is even more effective. Blood chemistries? That would be my son Jake when he was 4. So far it has started over an hour., I took my blood pressure and it seems normal. Do you have any idea what the anesthesiologist gave me to cause this result? Need to login as a doctor? Can you tell if this is common or not and what could have caused this event? Patients with the following characteristics are more prone to PONV: Surgeries more likely to lead to PONV include: This list would appear to include almost every kind of surgery. Is this a side effect of anesthesia or could it be related to possible vitamin deficiency during my colon prep? Some types of muscular relaxants could make you feel muscular pain or tiredness or even weakness, but will disappear in less than 24 hours. I made it clear to every prep person I needed to talk to the anesthesiologist and together we made the decision to use propofol. Lortab didn't touch it, and they wouldn't give me anything else. Heartburn is kind of a rarity for me. 0 comment. General anesthesia usually uses a combination of intravenous drugs and inhaled gasses (anesthetics).General anesthesia is more than just being asleep, though it will likely feel that way to you. I had a tooth extracted today all seemed to have gone well, the procedure was about 9am then about 6pm I started tingling all over, I mean ALL over, my arms, hands, under my chin, my stomach, my thighs. I remember in the waiting area before surgery with many other patients they gave me a shot and said I will fade and I did. I am suffering mood swings after general anathestic. What kind of anesthesia is used for finger surgery? Take a minute to do your own research to learn about it and consider getting tested. Wow - this is a heckuva hub. I stayed the night in the hospital and didn't have any complications. The surgery went well and I'm recovering nicely. My young and bright nurse said I wouldn't remember anything. I would be grateful if my query could be considered as it is a constant source of worry. First experience with propofol and it was excellent. If no problem then anesthetic drug being the cause is very unlikely. I just had my wisdom teeth pulled this morning and it was the first time I've ever been "put under" for anything so I am definitely blessed thus far! I had a total hip replacement five years ago. My husband went to the Dentist for a few tooth extractions. I had my LSH three weeks ago tomorrow. Often, if muscle aches accompany a sore throat, patients become concerned that they have the flu or that they “caught” something in the hospital. Ever since the procedure, my left eye keeps jumping. I have been doing much better but not quite there yet. When they are awake enough to talk, they cannot explain why they are crying, and they often report that they don't feel particularly sad. Again, I was perfectly fine after the procedure. At this point we know only that older patients and patients of lower socio-economic status have a higher risk for POCD. Is the low blood pressure very dangerous? Hope this helps. I have worked in construction all of my life, and I have had numerous injuries which have required surgery. Anesthesia: Anesthetics are well known to cause confusion, but this typically decreases as the body processes the medications and removes them from circulation. I couldn't stop saying how happy I was. Most side effects of general anesthesia occur immediately after your operation and don’t last long. I've heard so many guesses it has me concerned I have greater issues. No one, not even your anesthesiologist, can predict how you will feel or which side effects you may experience. I'm just angry, grouchy or in a bad mood, but not violent. Surgeons need to get the surgery done and cannot make significant alterations in procedure to avoid nausea and vomiting. Lipotropic formulas. I woke up yelling, trying to stand on the bed but what made it worst was that the Anesthesiologist along with two nurses were laughing at my reaction, not trying to calm me down, it continued when i was taken to my room, the nurse let me crawl from the post-op bed to my hospital bed, the whole time I was telling him it wasn't funny and to help, he made a small move to help but it was my assigned room nurse that came in and helped me calm down. If you feel queasy or haven't moved your bowels, it's only natural … Is this a normal reaction? Straightforward precancer legion removal. Discuss your specific risks with your surgeon and anesthesiologist. I am older but held a professional job that required much organization until retirement. The other cause common causes for illness post surgery is decreased activities or any infection if your Hb % is normal. Thank you for the education, TahoeDoc. Fortunately, I did not experience any of the side effects you have researched and listed. Thanks but is this Ali’s bit too too.. TahoeDoc (author) from Lake Tahoe, California on September 04, 2018: I'm sorry I've been unable to reply to my site for some time. My major concerns are what are the long term side effects? A week later and after 5 days in the hospital they are back up to 94-98%. I still feel tired days later. Two to three hrs. It takes a while for the brain to actually wake up, even after you are conscious. Most people experience one or more of the most common anesthesia side effects. It's possible that the anesthetics and dehydration make you more prone to have these reactions and lower the threshold for some usually innocent stimulus to set it off. Having an ablation (2:24-heart) & partial hip surgery replacement (5/8-broken hip) same year I’ve encountered lightheadedness, feeling so cold & now a total relaxed body seeming to have been drugged but only affecting neck down to toes. For the next hour and a half he cried, I can't see anything, why don't my eyes work. Do you have any idea about what could have happened? What are the side effects and how bad are they? This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. It was an outpatient endoscopy. I am so glad to hear this went well knowing how anxious you were. It's really hard to even guess without knowing more about you or the events before, during and after your surgery. There is just a very wide range of ways people react to the meds and procedures. Blue, the frosty light blue tinged color to everything I could see upon waking from general anesthesia. I often hear that people have a history of waking that way. I'm curious about long-term effects as in kidney and liver Toxicity. I look forward to following you and reading all of your extraordinary hubs. Muscle aches result from one of the medicines used to relax or "paralyze" the muscles so as to make it easier to insert the breathing tube and perform the surgery. Even with local anesthesia, you may feel some pain. Prior to the following treatment the doctors administered some other type of anesthesia so I wouldn't wake up gasping for air. i never get the nausea (yesterday, i had my gallbladder out and was eating a meditteranean wrap right after leaving the hospital). Please enter your username and password to try again. Thank you for this insightful article explaining side effects of anesthesia. I'm also feeling a heaviness in my chest and itchy cough, could I be developing pneumonia? This response to the medication may make the muscles feel sore for a day or two after surgery. was referring to versed, nitrous oxide and propofol. afterward i had severe indigestion, burning , did he get the tube in my airway ? I don't think I have enough info to answer your question. Would this be an after effect of anesthesia? Thank you for asking about your face lift recovery.You had a lot of surgery -But usually after 9 days, one should be able to be out for a meal without exhaustion.I would contact your own surgeon and discuss this. One anesthesiologist I had gave me some very good advice once. Do not so drugs but take prescribed meds post procedure. i am furious . How long are you under anesthesia for a colonoscopy? Ask your surgeon at your follow up visit what they decided was the main cause. You can then work with your vet to minimize your cat's risks and help keep him safe. Fatigue is very common after having surgery. He woke up crying and five minutes after waking up said his first words, I can't see. Even in the few kinds of surgery not included, there are additional, unavoidable factors such as the such as use of narcotic and gas medications that contribute to PONV. If you have serious potential problems, you will be recommended to … Before your surgery, meet with the physician anesthesiologist to discuss your medical history, health habits and lifestyle. I have severe sleep apnea and asthma. I went to an ENT and was told it may go away tomorrow, 2 weeks from now, a month from now or NEVER. They did the prep work. These genes are responsible for detoxifying your body as well as converting folic acid to folate, which affects the brain. Get the latest health tips to your inbox, © 2008 - Privacy Policy - Archive - Find the Right Doctor for You. I've not been diagnosed, but I meet all the internet criteria. Just to be clear, I never "wake up swinging". Went for Jamaican food after surgery :). They are supposed to work. AnnieLightning from Tauranga, New Zealand on December 29, 2012: Thank you very much TahoeDoc - so lovely of you to give your time when you must be so busy! Makes it worth it to take the time to write & answer questions. About 1 day after surgery, I started to feel a bit nauseous and dizzy. Strange and confusing . So I'm functioning talking to my girlfriend telling her she deserves better than me, I'm no good, I'm a piece of shit not only shit but I'm at the bottom of that pile. None of my present medications are suspect. My sister and her husband were standing at the foot of the gurney. It literally felt like I was trapped in my body and needed to escape. If you have pre-existing problems with soreness or stiffness, tell your nurse and anesthesiologist. ... but some times will have body pains for few days is due to the el ... Read More. It’s mighty hard to suck anaesthetic drugs out of your system with the same syringe they went in through! Right after the surgery my co2 levels dropped to below 80. I seem to remember I had a mask or nostril tube in ICU until a point. i've had many (many!) 5 years ago I had a tubal ligation with twilight anesthesia. I felt pretty bad for a few hours and had pain, so the nurse gave me morphine. I had angioplasty 3 days ago, after surgery they placed me on a CPAP machine for about 2 hours. 1. After the surgery is complete, he or she will reverse the medication so that you regain consciousness — but you won’t be wide awake right away. I am now in day five and curious to see if anything else pops up. I'm still very sedated and in a fog. I have found that just reassuring the patient and then telling them ahead of time (I like to do it when they are going to sleep too- more suggestible) that they will wake up happy will lead to a better wake up. Arms feel very heavy and like I can't control them, slurred speech, unbalanced, just feel like I'm drugged. Sorry I can't give more insight and I hope that you are feeling better!! How long will this last? My question comes from the fact that I still am tired and at times have a "drugged" feeling. A complication, on the other hand, is an undesirable outcome of a treatment that causes harm to the patient. But could be longer in sensitive patients. Prior to a pain injection in back or hip no small tart & a cup of coffee will not allow iv sedation for three min.? But there are some good effects though. I have been thoroughly impressed with your knowledge and expertise and feel better knowing that in a few short days time I will be back to normal! I feel all of this was triggered by the general anesthesia. What do you suggest? The Effects of Anesthesia From Multiple Surgeries. However, first make sure it's okay to take over-the-counter medicines with the prescriptions you have been given. Hi I had surgery 4 days ago under both armpits to remove cysts I've been getting chest pain is this normal? It's quite possible this will be determined to be a severe vasovagal reaction (I had a patient with this not long ago and his heart rate went to 20). If I could live in that twilight by using the general anesthesia drugs with precision there is no question I'd be living there now.
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