Peter (author) from Australia on April 04, 2015: @missmypinetree I'm glad that you still have your family of four Magpies! Xx, and just to add..the one that was hit wanted to be back over the road in the double property with trees that it knew/knows.. it was in pretty good nick for a bird that was looking pretty much dead on the road with its parents about to get hit also (they were freaking out) ..and for some dumb reason i just didn't want to be the one that took their baby away .. as i said..they were watching me .. saving him/her for my enjoyment was so not on my agenda. It should have been taken back to its parents to do what magpie parents do in these cases. As far as when does the baby stop crying? Just putting out some observations here: If they have had babies it is my experience that they would be around all the more looking for food for the baby Magpies? Magpies mate for life, and it’s the male bird that defends the nest, and may swoop at passersby when chicks are young. Last season was not a good season for baby magpies here either, from memory there was a lot of Kurrawongs around and they just love to steal the eggs from nests and attack the very young babies :(, Oh we should feel sorry for the Blues shouldn't we ? Two chicks in a mud nest Birds generally pair for life (though divorce is not unknown) and defend a territory together. They are gorgeous, I do love my birds but I so wish we had the Maggie for support. I have a question regarding one of their babies who has been coming down for around 4 months. Magpies stay within the same 40km radius and usually choose a territory very close to the one within which they were born. Greg and yourself seem to have found the ideal careers and I sure do wish you well in the Aquarium ! Only have to call his name and comes running across the yard for his feed. Great to hear the news about old Bumpy Leg you are sure collecting a lovely family of Magpies. My name is Walter, I am a retired engineer based in the West Midlands. After much searching, this page is exactly what I've been looking for! Be the first to answer! I believe that Magpies do have a way of understanding / communicating with we humans, if we take the time to listen and observe their behavour ! 8. I sure did on the TV! In the UK, a lone magpie is considered especially ominous and it is commonplace to voice a respectful enquiry as to the health of its wife and children. However the 3 main adult magpies have always missed the cars, we call them mum, dad and beakie ( beakie is the granddad, he has grey feathers around the tops of his legs and has a limp when walking and has a cracked beak. I've tried to take some pictures but they don't trust me with the camera lol .. and i did see the beautiful pictures posted of Taeko the Cat with it's magpie friends :), I still have my stray black and white cat *eyeroll* .. my blind in one eye possum .. and a couple of days ago I was clearing my guttering .. i heard a noise in the tree above and sadly I'd disturbed a beautiful little Ringtail Possum with the tiniest baby on its back .. they must live in my roof ..It's a menagerie but i wouldn't have it any other way ? Hi there! They then all warbled in unison, obviously making my yard and shed roof as "their" territory. I'm wondering if your situation has changed since you posted ? Peter (author) from Australia on July 25, 2014: @Colleen Logie first of all thanks for dropping by and letting us know about your Magpie experiences. Please let's know how the little Magpies are handling their new life :). hmmm don't get me started. Here are a couple of scenarios I would consider : 1) He to may have been hit be the same car, Magpies do fly close together and he may have been able to fly away and is laid up injured somewhere? btw on the bright side I witnessed another 'dog fight' today between an Eagle and a Magpie and would you believe a Plover ! Hawks although beautiful birds are 'hunters' and will easily capture a baby Magpie as prey. Sometimes they appear as a sinister omen, but equally often as a friend. Thank you for sharing. Incubation rates vary by species as well, though most species incubate their eggs for about three or four weeks before they hatch. I do remember a time while living at home with mum and dad that one of baby magpies got hit by a car and dad tried to see if it was ok but the dad magpie kept swooping him and wouldn't leave the baby alone. Peter (author) from Australia on March 13, 2015: G'day @Kitty what a great story to share with other Magpie lovers and I'm sure that we would all love to see the photos of them sitting on your Partner's boots :). Just about all of our 'baby' magpies have developed into healthy juveniles, one had a bad accident with a car :(. Enjoy your long weekend (labour day Monday). i can't imagine bumpy leg ignoring them though haha, and @ linda..asking if they're mostly ground dwellers ? We don't know exactly what proportion of the summer diet of urban and suburban magpies these comprise: estimates vary between 3 per cent and 38 per cent by weight, although most estimates are at the low end of this scale. I'm sure it will not be long before the 'nest building' starts and the sound of baby Magpies will be heard before Christmas :), Cheers and lots of happy times with your new family of Magpies :), Hello, just wanted to give an looks like dad magpie has returned with another female mate, the sad side is that I haven't seen old beakie since dad's return. They hoble around and use their wings to hop along the ground. I would love to share it with you Agvulpes when I am done. ooh grated cheese ..that's a bit cheaper than mince ! No doubt a trickle will be more when it rains. In the mornings I go out and call them and they both fly down for their food. There is nothing quite like the feeling that you 'get' when you hold your hand out to a 'wild' animal and they trust you enough to come and take food from you! I am very keen on watching the birds and I got my family to help make a website where I can share some of my hints, tips and tricks and share valuable information. Wow, what a wonderful experience .... How amazing is that. Conversely in China and Korea magpies are seen as bringing good luck. He was also quite fun to play with - I would throw food up into the air and he would jump up and catch it. He was protecting his Territory and some juvenile Magpies that were in the trees. Please :). I am saddened to read that "the decision was made to humanely euthanise the baby magpie" as I feel this was not yours of the vets to make. I am very grateful for your responses and caring nature. He still fights off other birds like the kookaburras, but it's funny the magpies allow the black and white butcher birds to eat with them. Grated cheese seems to be OK in moderation however most 'experts' try to educate us to only give our Magpie Family only treats and not let them become reliant on us for food. I feel generally speaking that there is usually only one Alpha Male in any family although we have found that females or Aunties as we call them can hang around and help in feeding the mothers younger chicks. If the birds relocate, will they come back to see me? As I have said to missmypinetree you are welcome to submit some images through email, as an attachment and I would be happy to post some into the above article similar to how I have included our other Magpie loving friend 'RobbieAnne' with her Magpie friend and Taeko, who sadly has 'passed away':(. Hi, Could you tell me if Magpies can hear worms in the ground as they appear to listen to the ground with the head on the side and then dig and often pull a worm out. Maybe you can entice it into a 'friendly' trap to cut off the bonding material? In all my years of experience with Magpies I don't think that I can ever remember two Dad Magpies feeding the baby Maggies? I have been feeding a family of magpies for over 12 years with the mail being able to hand feed. We've seen babies come and go, but unfortunately there is a road between the two properties that their territorial boundary is, and some babies have been hit by cars. Can stroke his breast and his feet. It did not take us long to come to the conclusion that things were not improving and that sooner rather than later something would have to be done for this poor Fledgling. However, as the well-known rhyme shows, it is generally only seeing a lone magpie that is supposed to bring bad luck. ? I thought yes, it is my maggie family, plus a new baby. Next we had to wait until Mum and Dad were distracted and then just pick up the bird and put it in the carton. This made me wonder do magpies mate for life, and if so, just how long that might be for? The only thing that still baffles me is what happened to our original pair? He has a beautiful red throat and breast. Magpies do not have the best of reputations. It's great to hear that you are only giving them snacks as we do try to talk people out of the idea of feeding the Magpie too much! Hi there. At least my team the Tigers got the monkey off the shoulder last year ! It turns out that 'mating for life' is not as black and white and dead-set romantic as we might assume. I miss them so much, they brighten my day. And sorry about that little one that had fallen from the nest. @ Teresa, Hi Teresa my sincerest apologies for taking so long to answer your very disturbing post ! My butcher birds, miner birds and rosellas still come for the food every day, but I really wish my maggie family would return home to me. Magpie dad looking great in black and white, Magpie mum with her slightly greyish back. ;D I hope you guys like it! Every morning and afternoon when I arrive home I put out their favourite food, mince meat, plus bread and wild birdseed mix. You might think that payment for his industry would be a mate for life. What a predicament :), I'm glad you cleared that up for me, I'm really sorry if I offended you with my comment :). LOL on your 22 Magpies on GF day on 1990. Your email address will not be published. You may be correct, I never actually considered that. We occasionally feed them in winter when the weather is cold and windy and often wonder how they can survive the wet cold nights. It is very enjoyable to watch Magpies build their nests, hatch their chicks, gather food for the new born. I had a spare meatball that I fed them and the rest was history. So with a combination of these senses the magpie can feel the Worm moving through the ground with it's feet and by focusing its hearing can pinpoint the hole where the Worm is going to emerge from and with it's head cocked to one side can focus its 'eye' (like we do when aiming a camera )on the hole for it to plunge it's beak into the ground to grab the unsuspecting worm. Sign up to our Newsletter to receive monthly updates on feeding and caring for our garden birds. I am in Camberwell in Melbourne. I will let you know the minute they return to me. Is there anyone I can go to that will help these birds keep their homes? Is it possible that this was a conspiracy between father and daughter so they could begin a relationship together? I'm not too sure but I would think that the Magpies being 'grazers' would not appreciate being the 'prey' for snakes, lizards etc.. :). Peter (author) from Australia on March 07, 2015: @Midge first of all lets all thank you for sharing your Magpie tale and welcome to the growing family of Magpie Lovers :). Well, still no Maggies but I am now a mum to three very very young Sun Conures. Now I have 4 magpies to feed whilst my cat sneaks up to them hoping for an easy feed of them. Reproduction and Life Cycle. Asked by Wiki User. I have just started a magpie blog so early days, Robbie Anne has sent in some of her photos with her cat Taeko and the Magpies see above in the main body. Lisa, Please keep us up to date with you Magpie Family :). Magpies are a very interesting birds to observe. Or on the other hand by doing the same thing your 'old' Maggie family may just one day appear from nowhere :), So either way keep trying and never give up , :), You have one advantage in that you have the Butcher Birds, Rosellas etc., to keep you company :), We hope that you had a great Christmas and look forward to reading more about your Magpie friends in 2015 :). Peter (author) from Australia on September 21, 2016: Hi there Lorraine :) what a great Magpie story one I will remember for some time :). Things have changed a lot. Magpies have a good memory for good deeds as well as bad and they may be just 'breaking' you in to their new family who have not got familiar enough for 100% trust! Our whole family has been devastated by the accident, but dad (magpie) has not returned. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. lol). When they do this the group is a matriarchal society, Mama rules the roost. If you have a story to tell, or a question to ask, about a family or individual Magpie just scroll down to the 'comment box' and leave a comment. My email address is Thankyou. Now they come morning and night on to my husbands shed to be fed fresh mince. One cheeky young fella will even 'knock' on the front door with his beak. How wonderful they look. Magpies are very clever birds and will do what they have to do to get their 'Prey' into the correct size. His name is 'Chick-Chick' because he is so big! Although slightly larger The Australian Magpie is more closely related to the Butcherbird. If you do , come spring you may start seeing some Herons and Ibis ! Check out some of the pics up the top ? Robbie Anne is a regular commenter on the Hub and has kindly sent in some lovely images of her cat which is affectionately called "Andre-Alice-Audrey-Taeko" ( I will let Robbie Anne tell you why in her own words), "He was originally just André, however he took on the names of my other cats after they passed away.". Any thoughts/ideas on why they might suddenly stop visiting after being offered delicious little meaty morsels every day? G'day there MagpieMatty and a warm welcome to Australia :) I hope you are enjoying yourself up in Brisbane! In the Spotlight Australian Native Birds - Australian Magpie Facts and Myths! It looks like the Magpies will have to wait another 32 years for another premiership! That good old Bumpy Leg is doing really well and seems to be quite the Matriarch. Is this normal behaviour for a magpie? You are most fortunate to have had such wonderful experiences with your extended family of Magpies but sadly like most families, animal and human, it is only 'good luck' if we do not have some 'misfortunes'. She would fly down to get her mince, break it up in to tiny little pieces and fly back and forth to a big nearby gum tree (obviously to feed her new chick(s). Magpies are very territorial, and once they are part of … I am not a Vet myself and hold no Medical degrees so I had to rely on the Vets advise that the young bird had too many injuries to fend for itself. I've tried putting out little morsels of meat on a white tile in the backyard and the food always disappears after a few hours but I've no idea if it's my magpies or something more sinister, like some unwelcome pigeons! Thanks again for the visit and lets know how your young Magpie is getting on? Aaaand never mind, they actually showed up tonight! However in my experience the female Magpie is much more 'timid' than the male bird, which makes me think that your Harry is a male Magpie? :( .. yes there are babies i see and hear them them hopping about in the high high high canopy of a very unsuitable tree .. the previous two years they've barely made it out of the this year ? It looks like you have really got the 'nack' to being a good 'friend' of our feathered friends and I hope that you keep up the good work! This is a part of their eating habits, and has been studied in pet/domesticated magpies. He is back but a whole lot slower at the moment and the mynas seem to know it. Peter (author) from Australia on November 05, 2014: @missmypinetree ahhh... the things that we do for our 'feathered friends' :) I'm surprised that the 'adult' magpies did not 'shoo' the Sea gulls away from the area... they are very territorial sometimes even to their own peril :). A few days later I went back and remembered to take something. What will happen to these birds when their home is gone? The mate comes to visit several times a day with another Magpie. This is where magpies of opposite sexes meet before branching off to form their territory. and i've read that the adults only feed them for four weeks then mostly ignore them ? @ Agvulpes .. the possum is a little brushy i have a photo of him/her i will try to upload it soon .. i will also try to get a pic of my magpie family ..they've been quite demanding lately lol it MUST be nesting time ! I managed to get a picture of one of the babies on Monday and i logged in here to try and post it .. but Monday night one of the babies was hit by a car (i heard the commotion) .. i picked it up off the road and it 'came to' .. parents were swooping me and i was in many minds about what to do .. in hindsight i should've taken it to the AEC..i was very distressed and thinking it would be euthanased was managing to hop up the tree to as high as the fenceline .. but in tending to that baby i think the seagulls got their other baby and after speaking to a neighbour there were apparently three babies but she thinks dogs may have got the 3rd one a few weeks back. That video is amazing I don't think I have seen anything like it and do appreciate that Laura shared it with us Nutters here :), Once again! im near the beach .. if they want to outnumber the maggies they will.. they took last years babies from a smaller tree. Now hops straight up on to my knee and feeds from my hand. You will get a response, guaranteed :). I have discovered he has twining or cotton wrapped around one of his feet and and would like to know would he survive on one leg if i cant catch him to remove it. Nuts , chopped up dog food pellets which they love, water melon I’ve just discovered and they forage, drink and bathe in my bird friendly yard. Black-billed Magpies mate for life. Occasionally they have a baby with them, but it doesn't seem like a new baby as it doesn't rely on them for food, or make a sound. My question is are they supposed to be able to walk yet? 3 years. It never fails to amaze me when reading stories similar to yours just how trusting the Magpies become of we 'humans'! They sure are great birds aren't they ? This website is a participant in the Amazon Associates program. I've been feeding my local pair of magpies for just over a month. The Missus was a lot more wary and always stayed about 2-3 metres away. They would collect the food from us and then go and shove it down the fledgling throat. The surviving bird will grieve for their mate, but will then seek out another and begin the process all over again. This doesn't sound like much but you could set your watch by them, landing in the backyard and carolling for treats at around 8am and/or 6pm. Your email address will not be published. They are up to their 4th generation. I hope you enjoyed the game the other night? You have found out by your own experience just how territorial Magpies become ! If you are interested I have included a link to a recipe for a well balanced diet for Magpies and other birds:, Once again thanks for sharing with us and we would love to hear some of your anecdotes on your Magpie Friends. I read what you wrote but didn't read all the comments yet. Which I'm happy about. He does not get any because he is on a special diet and does not eat anything that the Magpies eat. This family of Magpies, there was only Mum and Dad at the time, would come down every day and take the food; becoming so tame that they would eat out of our hands and trusted us so much they would even come into our enclosed back porch. We recently moved to tassie from Perth WA and in both states we have had the pleasure of a family of magpies taking residence in our yard. Australian Magpies would be regarded as a medium size bird measuring from 37 - 45 cm in length and when in a song have the most beautiful of 'warbles' of any bird I have heard. What was the reason the vet and you decided that what you thought/wanted to do was more important that what its parents wanted to do? @Oldbeakie thanks for dropping by do you have any updates on your Magpie family ? I'm not sure of the accuracy of this observation in that the Male Magpie has 'pure white' back feathers but the female has a 'scalloped' look on the back ! 1996. I used to love when he would sing his magpie song at my kitchen window while trying to peek through the curtains. I am the Manager of the aquarium section. I still have my 3 magpies lol even little miss with her bumpy leg that healed just nicely ..i still recognise her though because of the slight bump .. sadly they've not added to their nest since my pine tree was cut down but they're hanging in there !! Jen Wood from Australia on October 29, 2015: My Dad feeds magpies with mince in his backyard and has been doing so for over a decade. To enable more people to see your video (if it is OK with you) I will embed it into the body of the Hub rather than have it buried in the comments ? Peter (author) from Australia on April 13, 2014: G'day Shar-on17 and thanks for dropping by :). Hopefully you find out something in your research or maybe one of the other magpie lovers can help. Do magpies mate for life? Do Magpies Mate for Life ? I have not seen my maggie family now for 4 weeks and I am getting quite worried about them. Still hoping to lure my maggies. As far as I can ascertain Magpies have the senses of Sight, Hearing and Feel. Speaking for myself and I'm sure our other Magpie Nutters would love to read your children's books about Magpies so let's know how it is progressing? At the moment Pepa is being amused by a Water Dragon that sits on the bottom of our pool every time he sees her coming. Will birds Visit a Garden with A Dog or Cat. I sure hope that the baby survives? It is possible, however, for exceptions to occur. Peter (author) from Australia on August 09, 2014: @missmypinetree thanks for that information :) I would love to share some magpie photos with our readers ! For most of the year, the wren is a solitary bird that fiercely protects his territory. :). I too love magpies and have a family living right near me and we have been looking after each other for about ten or so years now. To digress just a bit. Just gotta love those cute Possums, BTW is it a Ring or Bushy tail ? I always thought that once magpies have found a home, they don't leave? Pepa does not hurt him but she is a formidable dog to something looking up. its been the most beautiful relationship to watch! Hi there agvulpes! Summary: Shinichi has been attracted to Kaitou Kid for longer than he can remember, though he tries his best not to think about it. Magpies also mate for life, although if a male magpie dies while the female is nesting, another male will take his place. These small crows are highly intelligent and social, and easily pick up … It then ate the pieces. I can't verify that though, my tree climbing days are way behind me. It would seem that the Magpie Nutters Club is growing :). 1) The younger females in my experience usually leave the family group and find a non-related male ( probably a natural instinct to keep the line pure) In your instance the stronger young female may have challenged the old Mum and won the fight (survival of the fittest so to speak). Nice to see you back and look forward to more of your Magpie / bird tales :), Well, Finally a new house and internet, which took a lifetime of convincing Telstra. If not let me know! I went back inside and picked up my binoculars and saw him fly away. So chin up and maybe in the morning they will be there to wake you up with their beautiful Magpie Warble :). :), It took quite some time for me to come to terms with that incident :(. The old boy 'Chick-Chick' is getting on in years, from all my research the natural life span of the Australian Magpie is between 25 and 30 years. OldBeakie thanks again for sharing and please let us know of any developments in your Magpie Story : I'm new to hub pages, I really loved your magpie article and I was wondering if you could help me. Peter (author) from Australia on May 28, 2014: G'day Belcaesar nice to hear from you again, I had started to think we had lost you :) I agree with you about Telstra ( Australia's largest telephone company who once had a monopoly on communications and still owns the copper wire network) Your new house sounds great with a much wider variety of birds to share your life with :). Being cautious not to overfeed, I've become rather attached to these birds and have fallen in love with another nearby magpie family that share my lawn with the original 3. I've had frequent dealings with this family. @ old beakie that is sad.. i live on a fairly busy road that even has a bus route i'm surprised that one of mine hasn't been hit *touch wood* .. and a couple of years ago i had four magpies that has since become three .. but i see quite a few magpie families around here so it's possible that the males do take off to start new families ? My first meeting with them was 5 years ago when 2 Magpies appeared in my back yard about 1 month before the 2010 grand final. I'm surprised that you have not been able to attract any Magpies, just a thought have you tried putting out some raw mince beef to lure them over :) Don't want to drag in the vermin though! Oliversmum and myself have been up in Merimbula doing some Whale watching and what an experience that is !!! BUT NOW they are going to widen the main road and that is the problem. Also the female birds are usually kept around to learn the skills of being a good Mum such as feeding the nieces and nephews as they arrive in later hatching's ! well i saw one baby yesterday ! Once a male and female become a … I've loved reading ur story. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Magpies mate for life and it was believed that when a magpie’s mate died it summoned an assembly of magpies who would honour the dead bird before selecting a new mate for the bereaved magpie. I have a new family at present Mum, Dad, older baby and a newer baby, still being fed. Grabbing at my head and arms and pecking at my face. I agree with you that Magpies are beautiful and friendly birds ! Magpies are renowned for being very territorial and it is my opinion that if the birds were not nesting at the time of the trees being felled they would soon find a new home close to where they were located. Peter (author) from Australia on September 25, 2014: @Oldbeakie I could not agree with you more there is nothing we can gain by dwelling in the past, learn the lesson and move on ! I feel your anguish and send you and your magpie families love and healing. Peter has been a birdwatcher since he was a young lad. The Tawny Frogmouth certainly is an interesting bird and I'm sure that when you start putting out the food to attract some Magpies they will appear very quickly! We know they can but they have to 'feel' that they can themselves? I can see the maggies in the trees and I can hear them call so I am forever hopeful... Could it be the Mynas that are keeping them away you think? Meaning the answer to your question is no. Reproduction of the Magpie. So we mapped out a plan to try to rescue this poor little bird and take it to the Veterinary Clinic (In our state Veterinary Clinics will treat wild animals free of charge). We’re not entirely sure why this is but we do know that magpies often mate for life so seeing a single magpie may mean it has lost its mate and … Peter (author) from Australia on August 23, 2015: @Nathan you raise a 'great' point and I would like to explain that "the decision to humanely euthanise the baby magpie" was not arrived at quickly! What do you think ? Those that aren’t part of a pair form a huge flock with other single magpies, there can be up to 200 birds in each group. Peter (author) from Australia on July 19, 2015: @missmypinetree nice to read your update! And since magpies can live between 25 and 30 years and are territorial, they can develop lifelong friendships with humans. It is she that sits on the eggs for 13 days until they hatch. Peter (author) from Australia on August 04, 2014: @missmypinetree Yep never underestimate a wounded Magpie . Hello again, well I thought I had some good news for you. As a matter of interest this afternoon, on my way back from my afternoon walk, I discovered a new nest being build by a Mum and Dad Magpie so it looks like Spring has really Sprung :). The Australian Magpie is a black and white bird native to Australia...Different to European Magpie. I hope you have the time to keep us up to date with your very own Magpie story :). I have my wonderful memories and snap shots. Although we can't make it out as yet we have an idea that there may be another magpie hatchling in the nest. 7. It has absolutely amazed me just how many people have enjoyed an experience with a family of Magpies. Last year they introduced us to their baby and about six months ago they kicked him out of home. with some explanationory text to go with the images! Peter (author) from Australia on October 04, 2014: @missmypinetree... wow that wind sure was something wasn't it ? The most common name for a group of magpies is 'A Parliament'. Do you think that we are feeding the same birds, or do you think this is a different family of magpies? I have yet to see a Magpie lose a fight with another bird , they even chase the much bigger Eagles and Pelicans away from their territory ! There is a huge gum tree in our neighbors backyard where this family had a nest last season. The first Spring came and we realized that the Mum Magpie had laid eggs and was involved in the incubation process. It was like he was in mourning. She has a real dynasty going there doesn't she ? You could try mixing up the recipe mentioned above, Magpies really love it? Magpie juvenile, approx 12 months old showing a dark blue/blackish bill. Birds of a feather flock together. So I have an awesome job now as well as mum to some very vulnerable chicks. In a sporting sense the most famous (arguably) and hated (without question lol ) football team in Australia is Collingwood and they are called the Magpies due to their black and white colored jumpers. ‘Two for … @Claire yes the magpies have a way of 'selecting' a family don't they ? :). However they will share their space with other species without a problem. I have seen a few Magpies with damaged feet handling things ok but I have never seen one with only one leg! Taeko and Dumbo : to share or not to share? He is onto his 3rd wife and from my observation, the 3rd wife seems to be his daughter from the last batch. However, many young birds die in the first months of life due to poor weather conditions, lack of food, road traffic hazards and natural predators. Well I guess Harry can be male or female ? From what I have read the problem with 'mince meat' is the preservatives that are added , not good for the birds apparently! Good to hear that old bumpy leg and family have 'resettled' now that next doors cat is gone! I have my own family of maggies (well I call them mine). The female Magpies on the other hand do seem to stick around their own parents ,waiting for a searching male Magpie to come and whisk them off to start the above mentioned family. They seem very scared and unsure, almost like they don't trust us. I hope I am doing the right thing when I give them the cheese. Though in my experience the older Mapies don't remain the Alpha bird for that length of time, so your old boy is doing pretty well :). They also seem to 'pant' similar to a dog! Ah Montgomery what a great name for a Magpie, very General like the way they march around ! Thanks. well my baby magpie was fine a few nights ago in all that rain .. but i'd been seeing less and less of it and have since read that juvenile magpies can be forced to leave the group or just leave anyway as early as 8 months old !! I watched the video of little one year old. Female magpie has bill turning white indication some age and mottled back indicating - female. After hatching and fledging the babies often stick around and help to build a bigger nest. They have a young one that joins them on my lawn. I am another magpie (all animal) lover and we moved into a house where the previous owners had been feeding magpies for many years prior. The prognosis was not good. Perhaps they were just being fickle, although I don't know why they'd skip a treat that is basically guaranteed! The females also help out ( a bit like human aunties do ) with the new batches of chick Magpies as they come along (maybe 2 breeding seasons a year). He even got to the point where once he'd had enough to eat, he'd sit in the grass in front of us and just hang out. Nah only joking lol Go..... Tigers :), hello ! They are very territorial and will fight with other Magpies to keep there neck of the woods. The twine / cotton may not 'biodegrade' and strangle the growth in his foot and I am of the opinion that this bird should be 'helped' but only in a humane way of course :). My concern is that Magpies actually 'walk' like humans (one foot after the other) and do not hop! this awful wind :(. Occasionally, magpies prey on larger animals such as young rabbits. One even sat on the couch with me! Most Magpie species are monogamous, and pairs continue to breed every year for life. 2) He may have realised that his female companion Magpie is no longer 'around' and is off looking for another 'mate'! There's a first time for everything. I have a problem. He would love to share with you images and stories about Australian birds ! i wanted to take it to the emergency centre .. i had phoned them .. if it was going to be okay a carer would have apparently taken it til it was better and if it wasn't going to be okay.. well .. you know the rest..i just felt sick .. i had all 3 adults watching me while i cradled it lol.. and as for the seagulls ?? we have a lovely family of magpies who visit everyday. Try putting out special treats like 'mince meat' (just little bits) and any other treats that you can remember the Magpies enjoying. My partner and I were quite sure that we were actually feeding the alpha male and female as they were quite aggressive towards all other birds, including their own baby once they'd had enough of him. I hope that you come back and read my reply and can let us know some good news about your Magpies ? Peter (author) from Australia on September 11, 2015: @Lisa Nicholls, great to see another Magpie lover and welcome to what we loosely call the Magpie Nutters Club :), From our own experience your Magpies are pretty much doing what Magpies do :). One interesting nest is the Swallows nest made out of all sorts of things held together with what looks like mud ? Do the male and female crow mate for life? I'm getting a little worried as I haven't seen them in about 4 days. Colleen as you have already discovered there is a lot of trust involved in this process and at time some 'broken hearts' but in the end I'm sure you will say "It's been well worth it " :). She did this for about a week, then both the male and the female completely disappeared for about two weeks. It is a lovely feeling when the Magpies come and have a chat with you and treat you like a friend, they seem to be the only birds that have this trait :), Ron thanks for sharing your Magpie anecdote with us and please if your Magpie does have a family feel free to drop in and keep us informed :). The reptiles range from a python under the house, two tree snakes, four water dragons and a huge monitor lizard, its a little bigger than the average goanna as well... not sure what time of lizard it is but it is huge.... the myna birds go crazy whenever they see one of these. I'm sorry i've not posted sooner but i now have a little possum that comes just before dusk every night lol he/she is blind in one eye :( ..not quite an adult yet ..loving our Aussie babies lol ..oh and by the way I managed to make it to the G last nite to see a game ..go Tiges ! They are beautiful creatures if u give them the time. :) they're almost fully fledged ! .. it's not a game i'd like to be at lol it will be feral ! Love the carolling. and @ agvulpes soon ! I and I'm sure our many readers would love to hear the next installment of your Magpie adventure... Firstly I would like to apologize to all the 'commentors' on this Hub about the Australian Magpie for my delay in replying to comments that they have left! it was sitting in a gum tree lol ..they were also being protective of it and feeding it etc.. when i got home from work it was still sitting in the same spot but today its moved back into the elm (well i think it's some kind of elm) so bumpy leg is finally a Mum again !! I sure hope you are adopted by a 'young' Magpie family in the very near future! The other two hobble around and been huddling in garden beds. Peter (author) from Australia on September 26, 2014: @William I must preface my comment by stating once again that "I am not an expert" ! My guess is that their senses are more 'heightened' than those of we humans? Robbie Anne, I hope I have got the names correct? You can check out the recipes above or: Hi we have had a pair of magpies nesting in our front yard. Now we have two magpies that visit our backyard, but they don't seem to be the same ones? We do not feed them everyday as there are a lot of young and do not want them the rely on the daily feedings, however my partner does 'talk' to them everyday. I live on a property and there are no busy roads around my property, so it is very unlikely that they have been hit by a car. and *sigh* i don't hold out much hope.. i just saw a baby's a hopelessly slow flyer and its following them back and forth across this busy road.. if i still had my pine tree there would be no going back and forth surely .. and i agree with you about taking it to a professional ..i really needed a cup of concrete the night that happened . I don't think that I have ever seen a Magpie as old looking as your 'Beakie' he does seem to be a grand old man of the Magpie family ? Are Magpies lucky? I will continue to call them and hope that one day soon they will hear my call and come back home. I would also add that they are intelligent and misunderstood. I am assuming mate as they click beaks. a real character - will stay with me for some time and then off. I miss him! I have read conflicting reasons - laying on an ant's nest, so the ants can clean the feathers of lice and mites - and because it's a way of relaxing into a "trance-like" state. Will dad magpie come back? Love the article and so glad to read about your experiences with these creatures. lol. ... No. One baby is very strong and perched on a twig. Peter (author) from Australia on September 15, 2015: Lisa, you are very welcome and I'm sure others as well as myself enjoy reading about how our beautiful Magpies enhance we humans lives! Once the birds have fledged they will seek out a flock to join where they will stay for up to 2 years until they find a mate and create a territory. Magpie Reproduction and Life Cycle The breeding season for Black-billed magpies goes from March to July. However, once the chicks are born, the male doesn’t shy away from his responsibilities and will work vociferously to scavenge food to feed their young. Next step touch his back but so far not much luck. Now I think about it, and have seen these 4 maggies not 3, do you think it is possible that these 4 maggies were successful in taking over the territory of my maggie family, and pushing my family out. Right? They also sing complex songs, and the sound of magpies can often be heard early in the morning as the sun rises. Hello Agvulpes are my (i call them mine too haha) fledglings supposed to survive this Melbourne mini storm ?! I'm not sure if birds 'think'/ 'behave' in the same logic patterns as we humans and sometimes we just have to 'go with the flow' and enjoy their company while we can! I have noticed our Magpies have started the nest building process so I guess that must sense that winter is drawing to a close and Spring is just around the corner! I hope that not too much damage was done to your property and Magpie family ? Occasionally we do help them out, especially when the ground is dry, as it is a continuous job feeding the chicks but only until they can start foraging for themselves ! Hi Walter – I also am a retired engineer and have an injured Magpie living in my backyard for 3 days. It looks like 'life' has moved on doesn't it :). I'd be interested to hear some facts. Another magpie did the same. GOTTA love Telstra. It may take a while (maybe never) but if you keep persisting by putting out the 'traditional' Magpie treats you just may attract the new Magpie family down to your Garden! The strip of grass has ten gum trees which is where the magpies live and they are all going to be cut down for the road extensions. It would be a sad old world indeed if we could not get out in the fresh air and communicate with another species placed on this planet to share it's natural beauties :). It seems to me that you have done everything right and on the surface it surprises me that the 'whole family' just up and disappears at the same time. Magpies have always been surrounded by superstition, and there are many versions of … We were hoping that with the help of Mum and Dad Magpie it would soon come good. The other possibility is that, and I really hate saying this, they have found another place that they prefer? Your last comment is heartening, you may still have a Magpie family. As far as where they roost in the wild winds ?, I would say you are correct as I have been told by a number of people that when you are deep in the heart of a large tree it is quite calm, it just 'sways' a lot ! After a few weeks the task of getting the nestling to fly was at hand for the parent Magpies! Peter (author) from Australia on October 30, 2015: Hi there @ashroc and thanks for sharing your Magpie story :). @Colleen not from what i've seen .. my magpies have done everything they can to save their babies's just they're not finding the right tree :( .. i looked out my kitchen window last year and saw so many seagulls circling that i knew the magpie babies had no chance :( .. words can't describe how i felt .. Hello Agvulpes .. well the Magpies just won (and i'm a Tigers supporter remember haha) .. the commentator said 'never underestimate a wounded Magpie' .. ain't that the truth ! They have many traits similar to we humans ! There are actually many species of magpie, but most of the rumours centre on Eurasian magpies ().In … It looks like your Miss Possy should be called Miss Bossy. We then took the baby to the Vets for a complete inspection. There's an Alpha male in the family though he's quite nasty to the baby .. We have had the same Male Magpie for nearly 25 years.
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