You can climb up with your left analog stick, or you can press and hold the triangle button to charge up another vertical jump. There's a large cave on the lakebed that, when entered, will reveal the Sleeper. You'll have to hang on during the submerged portions of the level, get back up and run when you're abovewater, and repeat that process a few times before you reach the first spire. Enjoy! And who is she? The colossus itself dwells a bit further on into the valley, in square G5, so find it and get it riled. Hide here until the enemy gets close, then swim underneath it. 248 User Favourites. Just hang on with your R1 button until things settle down a bit; when the foot is firmly planted on the ground, you'll be able to move as you like. When you reach the spot, tap your square button, then tap it again after a second to stab the beast and hamstring it a bit. The first thing he needs to do is run back to the western side of the arena and onto the slightly-raised platforms at the northern or southern edges once he's there. There's only one path that you can follow, and you can't be knocked back to the beginning of the area like you can in some game's jumping puzzles. If you can actually manage to get onto the back of the beast while it's upright, then killing it is a relatively simple matter. If you take the stairs down to the bottom of this area, you'll encounter Wall Shadow, a vicious lizardlike colossus that's one of the more difficult foes you've encountered thus far. If you stand still for too long, you'll see the colossus rear back with its club and bring it down onto your head, causing a severe amount of damage. More help, hints and … In order to scale Thunder's body, you'll have to get behind him and climb up his shell from the rear. In order to avoid getting shocked when the spires submerge, you need to run up behind them, latch on, and stab the weak spot before you dip into the water; doing so will disable the spire and prevent it from shocking you. The Thunder Ripple (his friends tried to name him Porkchop, but he was having none of it) doesn't have many attacks that he can really use on you while you're on the central tower; most of his attacks involve danger to you only when you're in the water. Note the four cave entrances; these lead into a little subterranean area. Well, that's really two words, but it's an emphatic two words. If you stand further away, though, it'll bring the sword up over its head and smash it into the ground lengthwise, hurting you if you're under the sword, and knocking you off your feet if you're anywhere nearby. Email About these hints / Contact their author. All of the hooves will damage you as per usual, if you get too close to their impacts. Eventually, the creature will take its front legs out of the water and place them on the platform. Getting the first two spires in this manner is pretty easy, but the third one, near the beast's head, will be tougher to reach. The lake that the Flame Guardian overlooks is in map square F1, directly north of the Shrine. To find the cave it dwells in, head to the northwest of the shrine and find the earthen bridge that leads over the canyon there. After this point, it's all gravy. In it, we have a complete walkthrough for the game, including hints and tips (and video) for each of the 16 Colossi that you're going to go up against. You swim faster when you submerge yourself with the R1 button, so hold that down and try to make a beeline for his rear side. This guy's not the biggest one, but he's definitely a sight bigger than most of the foes you've fought in any other video game of late. That'll cause it to ram the pillars, which will tip them over onto their sides. However, if you stand directly in front of the beast, it will rear up on its hind legs and attempt to smash you with its front hooves. When you're actually on the bat, you'll have to engage in a bit of wing-walking to get to two of the vital spots, as there are two of them on the ends of each wing, but not enough fur to hold onto in the interim. The Destruction Luster is almost identical in form to the Flame Guardian. When you're out in front of the colossus and have a good amount of space between you and the far wall of the cave, whip out your bow, hit L1 to lock onto the boss, then shift around until you're aiming your bow at its head. Post Comment. Although this looks like a pretty severe motion, you can hang on if you just keep holding that R1 button. If you dodge the blow, the sword should hit the metal, and the resulting vibration will knock the armor off of the arm and let you complete your ascent. Note the geysers in the plains near the cave. The Sleeping Giant has two main attacks, both of which will come out when you're standing in front of it. Almost all of your actions here can be performed with the triangle button (for jumping), the R1 button (for hanging on to vines and cliff edges), and the left analog stick, which will let you point yourself in the direction you need to jump. When you're ready to go after your first prey, walk out onto the sunlit platform near the dias where your friend is lain and press the O button; this will raise your sword and let the sunlight focus on it. Well, what you need to do here is stand atop one of the hills above the cave entrance and wait for the Horse to start moving towards you. Welcome to the glorious world of Shadow of the Colossus. Its primary weak spot is directly on top of the beast's head, so you're going to have a bit of climbing to do. Cyber Monday And Black Friday Deals Still Available. You'll need to follow the canyon to the southwest of the Shrine of Worship, then proceed south across the plains until you find the entrance to another canyon. Taking down the colossus is actually a bit easier than you might think, at least when you know how to proceed. To reach it, head east from the Shrine, cross the land bridge heading north, then take another land bridge past the Half Moon Canyon save point until you reach a small forested area. Ride out of … Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. You'll need to let go of L1 at this point to gain some fine control, so do so, then start firing your arrows at its eyes. You can still get hurt if you fall off its back, or run into it when it hits the ground, but this is relatively easy to avoid. To reach the last colossus, head down to the tip of the world in square F8. Gained information on the Switch ahead of release. When you reach the exit, gingerly step back out into the light and look around towards the hill that you dropped down from. Others Also Read: It'll be temporarily stunned by the impact, allowing you to stand up and jump over to its back and stab its vitals. Heading west from there will lead you to another canyon path, which will eventually terminate near a waterfall. Comments for this article are now closed. Now that you have your flaming pyre of justice, do the only smart thing left to you and run up to the beast and start waving the ember in its face. If you dodge the hand smash, you'll be able to walk up to the palm and latch onto it as it's rising back up into the air. These colossi are incarnations of smaller icons within the Shrine itself, and killing them will destroy their icons, and give the hero the power required to restore his friend. Well, duh. Shadow of the Colossus will release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on February 6, 2018. The Earthshaker is located due west of the Shrine, all the way over in square B4. The Horned Boy Aquired All Trophies In it, you play as an unknown soldier, tasked with finding and killing 16 Collosi that roam the land, in order to appease the spirits that inhabit a shrine. You'll only have enough time for one or two hits before the beast submerges and you need to repeat the process, so make sure they're solid hits! Climbing is going to be difficult to do with the movement of the monster, so just use jumps to move up and to the left until you reach one of the ledges that connects to the platform. In order to kill the Horse, you first have to reach its vital spot. There's no way to bring your horse up the cliff obviously, so you'll just have to climb up - this is the jumping puzzle we were talking about earlier. We'll be updating our specific Shadow of the Colossus guides in the very near future. Strike it as many times as required to kill it, and you'll be whisked back to the Shrine of Worship. To reach it, you'll have to travel from the shrine to the eastern boarder of E5, travel west through the forest there, then wrap around to the south to reach the desert. Colossi are the only opponents in game - you'll encounter 16 of them. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. You'll need to be careful while you ride him, then, but we'll save that for the attacking section. It has three primary methods of dishing out the hurt. There's not much you can do to affect the outcome of the game, so if something seems really hard to avoid, it probably is. When the hand levels out, you need to quickly get onto its topside and run up the arm to the next patch of fur there, where you'll find another weak spot. This sequence of jumps isn't overly difficult. The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus collection walkthrough will guide you through a mysterious puzzles challenges and through an action quest. After the lengthy opening cutscene, you'll finally get the ability to run around with your character a bit, so you should definitely take the time to get used to the controls. We didn't happen to take any damage during our fight with the Traildrifter, as it serenely floated along in the air above our heads, without appearing to notice us. If your grip meter starts to deflate, then you might need to let go while the beast is standing still; you can stand upright on its head to let your meter restore itself, but you'll need to be gripping the fur to stab the weakspot. When you reach the first Colossus, you're obviously going to be in for a bit of shellshock; these suckers are big. And how well does the game run on 120Hz displays? After gaining back a bit of strength by standing on its back, pop the head spot, then crawl down its back and destroy the vital point there to finish the beast off. You need to do two things at this point. It's in square D3, to the eastnortheast of the Shrine. It'll light up a portion of the valley beyond, indicating where your first target is. Thunder Ripple is a difficult guy to pin down - his line of sight prohibits him from seeing things that aren't in the water, so he'll ignore you if you stand on the spire. To begin with, try to circle around the colossus until you reach its rear side; you should be able to see tufts of hair just above its left hoof. Again, minor damage. Shadow of the Colossus guide: How to beat the 2nd colossus By Jeffrey Parkin February 6, 2018 Shadow of the Colossus guide: How to beat the 3rd colossus When you're above the thigh, you'll have to quickly reach the platforms on the colossus' back before your grip meter runs out and you fall off. As you might surmise, killing the Temple Giant isn't that hard - it's just a matter of finding out how to climb up onto his body. It'll try and shake you off, but you have plenty of land mass to roll with. There's a platform leading across to the central structure here. Your sword should reveal that your next colossus is located to the southeast of the Shrine. If you're looking for a hint, we've got one word for you: facial hair. For the Bat, though, you'll need to use it. Earthshaker has no discernable weak spots, deals significant damage to you if you attempt to get to the fur on its back as it moves, and spends most of its time underground to boot. Like Colossus 1, the Third Colossus will wind up with his club and perform an overhead slam. The horse only has one primary attack: a vicious set of jabs into the ground from its forward pincer. This is one of the more perplexing colossi to beat, especially if you don't have a game guide to help you out, wink wink. Stamina is an important part of completing all the Colossi fights in Shadow of the Colossus, and if you want to take on the bigger Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus, then you will need to know how to increase your Stamina. A young man brings his deceased love to a forbidden land inhabited by colossal beings said to house the power to revive the dead. If you equip your sword here, you should be able to spot the primary vital spot atop his head, so get stabby and start wearing down the beast's health. Stay away from the beast and you should be all right. Well, maybe you need to flip it over somehow and see what lies underneath... To do so, climb back up the stairs to the second level of the ruins, so that you can look down on the creature as it crawls around the bottom of the cylinder. Next Walkthrough Colossus 1 Valus Prev Basics Altars. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. Head through the dusty canyon there, and you'll come to the graveyard where the colossus dwells relatively quickly. Fortunately for you, you still have your bow and arrow out, so when it reaches a stasis point on the wall, whip out an arrow and fire two of them into two of its legs, where they're lit up. First off, from long distance, you can use your sword and the O button to focus light on the enemy, revealing its "vitals." Since the Guardian doesn't have a lot of room to run, it won't be able to shake you easily, and you'll be able to unleash some pretty devastating strikes. The Traildrifter has three vital points, spaced out along its back. It is a bit better at nabbing you when you try to dodge out of the way, though, so your best bet to avoid this attack is simply to not be on the same surface as the Luster. When you reach the creature's waist, you'll have to circle around to the small of its back to find the large weak spot there. Matthew Rorie on January 18, 2006 at 12:01PM PST. Luckily for you, there are barricades set up at the top of the first ramp; you can dash + dodge from barricade to barricade and avoid the ill effects of the fire. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? When you're on a ledge, scooch your way over to the right until you reach the platform, then jump onto that and let your grip meter replenish before moving on. This guide will help you get all the trophies for the PlayStation 4 version of the game, either if you are new to it or an expert from the previous versions. There's a faux brown ladder on one side of this area, so jump up and climb to the upper platform here. It's sealed for the moment, but as soon as you edge yourself up to it, the second colossus will bust out for you to kill. You’ll find links to all of our video walkthroughs for Shadow of the Colossus below. As with previous bosses, this attack will do severe damage to you if it hits you, but will also be the key to defeating the behemoth. Shadow of the Colossus has returned to consoles once more with a sublime remake, and still intact are all the curios and oddities of the original version. You'll come to a placid-looking set of ruins near a lake inside the canyons; when you do, dismount Ahro and enter through the door. 43 Ratings 122,654 Views. Each of these pillars has a few stepping stones suspended in the water between them; these will be the key feature to killing the beast. Its hard shell will prevent you from doing much damage to it, and even approaching it is dangerous due to the way it moves. You can do a minor amount of damage to the beast by hitting it with your arrows in the face, but actually killing it in that manner is probably impossible, or at least impractical; it's much better to just climb the thing and pop it in the head with your sword. After a couple of stabs you should finish the colossus off. What you have to do here is catch the colossus' attention, walk into the shadows, and wait for it to approach you. If you hop onto Ahro after evading the Earthshaker's first attack, then you'll be able to build up a good amount of speed; your horse, going at top speed, will be just as fast as the Earthshaker is when it's chasing you. Not one for reading, or just need some visual aids to help you out? None of these are particularly difficult to figure out; if you can't head straight up, find a platform that'll let you walk around a bit until you find another handhold and head up via that. Upon first glance, you'll notice something odd about Wall Shadow: it appears to have no real weak spots to speak of. From there, you need to climb up onto its head, where the first vital spot is located. This is going to be difficult to do, though; although he's slow, he's huge, and it'll take a bit of time to swim from front to rear. Walkthrough - Soundtrack FAQ Walkthrough for Shadow Of The Colossus Playstation 2: Shadow of the ColossusDaichi No Hokou Soundtrack GuideTERMS AND CONDITIONSThis guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,private use. It's a strange game - the controls are a little clumsy and dated, and much is left unexplained - so hopefully these little nuggets of info will help smooth the way for your journey across the Forbidden Lands. Alternately, you can climb onto the bones along the beast's spine and use them to perform a bit of a horizontal shimmy to reach the rear of the colossus. The Shadow of the Colossus guide contains a full walkthrough of the game, including descriptions of the Colossi and combat tactics for each boss. To begin with, jump onto the vines near the bottom of the area, and use your R1 button to hang onto them. If you poke around in the desert for a bit, the colossus will pop up out of the sand. To reach this final vital spot, you'll need to stand in front of the Sentry, causing it to attempt to smash you with its hand. As with the Flame Guardian, you need to find a way to expose its vital spot to your swordplay. When you reach the ruins far to the south, you'll get a cinematic view of your surroundings. This should knock out a bit of the ceiling area here, as well as knock a column over, allowing you to climb to the uppermost level of the cliff. You'll be able to hang onto the edge and pop back up when things are stabilized. As was the case with the last colossus, the Sleeper has a projectile attack which emanates from its mouth. When it's picked up your position and is coming in for the kill, drop off the hill and run into the cave, heading towards either of the two nearest cave exits. Don't miss the save point on the edge of the cliff. Q… There are two methods of getting there, the simplest of which is probably to just jump off the beast and attempt to shoot an arrow at the weak spot on one of its rear hooves. Start by riding (if you're still on Agro) a good distance away from the colossus. The Temple is located to the southwest of the Shrine. You'll probably have to jump onto it at least three times to get them all, as it will eventually plunge into the sand when you start to hurt it, but once you get the basics of jumping from the horse to the wings, you should be able to polish it off in short order. When the hoof is level with the ground, dash up to it and jump + grab to hang on. You'll have to float to get Thunder Ripple's attention here. This path should take you from E3 to D3; if you get near C3, then you've missed your exit. Of course, for the game's final boss, and a creature with only one vital spot to boot, you can expect the colossus here to really give you a struggle, and you'll definitely have a hard time holding on for stabbing. The platform around the chest will enable you to recover your grip power when you run low, so feel free to drop down to it when you need to.
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